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Documenting your life, emotions, moments, memories and love


About Libby

I have had an amazing journey over the past 9 years, full of love, creativity, music, unforgettable memories, and delightful moments with friends, family, and my pet Cocker Spaniel, Honey. My ability to be lighthearted but serious when necessary, and to adapt to different situations shows my resilience, dedication and my optimistic outlook on life and my work. Contact me for a chat to see if we are a match. 


Documenting human connection in a relaxed and unobtrusive way. Acting like a chameleon blending into the surroundings to capture the memories and moments you will treasure for a lifetime. I understand the importance of creativity with natural moments and producing a film that suits each couples unique individuality. I have three filming and editing styles for you to choose from.

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I understand the importance of branding and social media in today's competitive markets, and my commitment to creating compelling content that effectively conveys a brand's values and visions is visible in my work. By staying updated on trends and innovative storytelling techniques, my ability to market products, services and events in a captivating manner sets my clients apart from their competition.

Film Styles

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The OG, the original style, the popular one. The classic cinematic, highly polished, emotive masterpiece. Choose this style if your wedding was glitzy or traditional.

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Having a party, an energetic or festival style day? This is for you. It's all about bright colours, bouncing tunes and lots of movement and dancing. This style is suited to the more modern wedding.

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Like the retro, old-style look? This style of film is growing ever more popular, with couple opting for this to add a bit of creative flare to their wedding day film. Choose this for a nostalgic feel.

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